maybe we could just be

Had a cozy dorm breakfast, eggy toast, jam, coffee
I just want to eat beautiful things
because you are what you eat
so make it pretty.
(lace and cake)
I'm craving this...
Though it's been more like this recently


shake that laughytaffy

Sometimes it's rad to just have fun
Go crazy, forgetting all your troubles
Take time to think, and reflectAnd exploit the present


a moment

Believe in something. Thats really important.


be still

Back at school
The first week of classes is meant for relaxing and laughing.
(hanna and langdon)


don't tell sis i'm out the door

These are a few pictures from my break, on my new camera!
I burned as much incense as I could
and saw some really old friends
Spent time with the cutest dog ever

and smoked allot of hookah
had fun with the boy
all the boys,

laughed allot
and ate allot of good food
we went kinda crazy
it was chilly
but nice

i got a new peace tattoo
i love it
I had fun vacationing
and reminiscing

It was a prefect break.



let me blow your mind

I got a new camera, i'll put pictures later
Tomorrow, I plan to catch up on my Nylons.
I think it'll be pretty exiting.
(skullset, aka da bomb)


ring it in

Happy New Decade
we celebrated over two nights
wearing ridiculous clothes
with matching drinks
had girly times, and dancy times
we listen to allot of 90's pop
What's your 90's pop scene?