Change of Direction

Back at school.
I'm going to take a break from Candy Hearts,
and focus on my own photography.
Come check it out Highway



Some photos from around downtown


all around

Summer is in full swing
with fests
and sparklers

and lots of music
It has already gone by so fast
and things are just heating up
were all catching dreams in our palms
and being a little ridiculous
but we try to be
because summer is the best time of year
to be sitting in the sun
and going on adventures
I've been trying to improve my hooping
and were all trying to party more
though that may not be possible

I went to NY a few weeks back
we visited a peace pagoda
I eat watermelon every day
and only drink tea and palmers
tie dying everything
and playing with salty hair
were all trying new things, and looking for old connections, and melting a little in the heat.


home alone and happy

I am officially in summer mode
We spend all our time in the river
showing off
and drinking
It's always beautiful
Some people think it's to hot
I love it
Everyone is looking for something
but all I want is fun.