stack them up

I love looking at other peoples things, especially collections.  I would do anything to get my hands on that many shoes, or jeans. What do you have massive amounts of? 
The Selby


it's all downhill from here

happy hump day.  It is beautiful outside, and all I want to do is go buy letters and construction paper and drink chi all day long.  Spring is taking way to long to come.


open doors dirty floors

MC Chris was saturday night. Pretty amazing! I love small venues, because you can basically touch the artists.  Happy fat tuesday.



I really wish i could just curl up in bed all day like this.  It is so cold here, and windy. When will spring ever come?

all your hard work paid off

Something nice to combat the Monday mean reds.
We Heart It


because i can and you want to

Connie from meet me by the water tagged me in "six random things" so here goes-
1) I don't wear shoes in the summer, ever
2) I am always cold
3) I forget things everywhere
4) Online shopping calms me down
5) I used to be a dancer, and then I used to be a teacher, i miss the movement and the clothes 
6) there is always animal hair on my clothes, at any time there are five cats and a dog in my house.
anna at vintageveggie
patrick at mr. grieves
photo from ffffound

va va va boon

watching the Oscars currently and falling in love with all of the beautiful clothes. It is a wonderful tradition that i have carried out every year, i have never missed an Oscar.

you really have a thing for flowers

These are all from mrs. french on flicker. The last photo has inspired me to do a collections post, so thats next. hope you had a super weekend, i know I did.  The Oscars are tonight, you should watch them, and develop your brain and do a puzzle during the commercials.   


booking it

This is my new favorite photographer of the moment lina scheynius.

These all remind me of sweet songs, and spring...

I went to trader joes today to buy chi and walnuts and had a really nice checkout guy. He pretty much made my day, we both are going to the same show (i.e MC Chris-saturday!!), it was the best tj run in a while.

rumple scrumple

Ever noticed how the verification words for posting are so weird.  They always seem really similar to regular words with just a few letters replaced. I think they are so funny. 


in the heat of the night

I wish I could do this. I, however, can't even blow smoke rings. Happy hump day.


common... get happy

I love these balloons on the water-even if it is littering...

maybe my fingers are cold, but these all just remind me of winter, which is still going on, and never ending. ugne strigyte photographed these.


grow some strawberries in a pot

we heart it- We rated our stress levels in psychology today, mine was high.  Best way to deal with that is to surround yourself with wonderful things.

steamy steamy steamy

Mitya Nesterov shot all of these. The one of the girl reminds me of me, allot.  Go out and pick some flowers, and press them, and save them for a cold rainy day.

ladies of a certain age

Mary's 18th birthday and ladies night. Really fun, love spending a night just with the girls, boys are stupid sometimes.  I love the way smoke looks, it makes such cool shapes. Ever blown smoke bubbles? 

fly by the hair on your head

Some last photos from valentines, I really love my polaroid. It snowed for five minutes today, it was amazing.