Played hooky today and went to the Obama rally in Raleigh 
We had to stand in line for three hours, and it was freezing
but it was toaly worth it

We were so far back, i am just glad my camera zooms allot
He was so amazing!!  A wonderful speaker, and so funny.  He seemed like he was un-scripted, but you never know.  There was a woman who fainted up near the front, probably from standing up for so long.  He was so sweet about it, he totally stopped talking, called the EMT's over, and was talking to everyone over the mic, asking if anyone had water, and to give her some room.  The thing was, no one had water because no one was allowed to bring liquids into the rally, so he got her some, and went and gave it to her.  I love him so much...GO VOTE! 


Roll on over me

I want these so bad.  FredFlare, and they are so amazing.  I love the idea of just rollering around, in a leotard, with the fanny-pac.  I have been buying allot lately, so I cant decide if i should actually buy these, but the verdict is looking like yes.  When is the next 80's dance?!  

lets play with jesus

Sara's 18 birthday dinner
"I'm going to my make hand into a zoo!"
We all went to the federal
Michael and Mary

Oh anna...
We were so messy, but our waiter was soo cute!
Em. and Sara

Lizzy and Xan

Both johnstader boys came
We all got the Federal grilled cheese and garlic fries.
After dinner, Michael, emma, sara and i drove about.

Such a fun night!  Hmm sunday night excursions are the best.  Happy birthday sara!!


I didn't know you existed

Kathleen had a pig-picking last night
The lights are mini pigs

These are courtesy of anna 
I thought the set was going to break, honestly it was so scary

Such a fun night, I ate way to many deserts.  



My Urban Order came to me today!
This is my new wallet, the only genuinely new one I have had since age twelve I believe.
An Amazing lace body suit, it even buttons "down there"  I am so exited for it.

A two panel slip, it turned out to fit me as a dress even though it is meant as a shirt.  

Another romper to add to my collection.  This one is a bit more risky, the shorts are slit all the way up, but maybe paired with the lace body suit i could pull it off.
I love shopping online, and feel compelled to do so.  Ebay has become my biggest addiction, but I am trying and trying to save up for next summer, so i now have a cash points card that will not allow me to buy stuff online.  I am both happy, and sad about this fact.  I am still on the search for another pair of perfect boots.  I want both knee highs like these  and a pair like these.  I also am in search of a perfect winter coat.  I know exactly what I want, I just cant find one anywhere.  I'll do a wish list post soon i suppose.  


Accumulation of minutes

Some of the head pieces and rings and bracelets i have been tooling with lately.  

I got my beautiful little sister to model for me.

Her hair, is perfection

I love feathers
I will be making more soon, I want to somehow preserve real flowers and cast them somehow.  Also bows are next to create with.  Super fun.