we will live half at night

I have worn jingle bells for a week straight
I get funny looks, but more smiles
Being home means the boy
(notebook doodles)
and sometimes it's hard to believe that it's all happening again
(i forgot, sorry)
but it's undeniable when someone's always there
(le love)


it's winter in the city

There is a blizzard in the city right now.
It's a white out
I'm watching it snow over the hudson

waiting for the snow

Just finished my first semester of college!
It was a little crazy,
and a lot stressful.
Now it's christmas break
and the parties are adding up
nothing can top this


his name is my name too

Just found out: Harley Viera Newton is an anthropology student, just like me!
(nylon blog)


so heres the thing...

Every now and then, I return to twittering.
So please, follow me on twitter. Because I love when people read what I wright.



It's the first snow of the year.
Rainy, and wet, but still amazing.


there's a place

I have been hidden behind books and papers all day
So i'm taking a early morning break
drinking some sweet iced tea
thinking about the craziness surrounding me
I'm going to cuddle up when i get to bed
Peace would be much appreciated
Just to relax for a second,
or go a teeny bit wild
But i'm resigned to work
and drink lots of coffee and tea
(notebook doodles)


wheres the snow

Happy december 1st!
Holidays are coming, so are exams, stress and bliss mingled together.


you make me merry

sitting on the kitchen floor, with my mac on a chair. Making pies, listing to beatles, smiling


on the sunny road

I am home!
I am floating on clouds.
(notebook doodles)
I get to party with friends
And be silly with girls I love
Life is peaceful
and hectic
I am missing people from long ago
(notebook doodles)
but trying not to
home is so natural, life is pristine
(Sequin Magazine)


a tiny treat

These lovely pieces of art are made by a friend of mine in Durham.
Each one is unique and lovely
They are made out of vintage fabrics.
I am addicted. Check her out here


pre dawn

I have watched meteor showers for the past two nights
Last night, we were on a huge dune, in tall grass, till past dawn
It was the kind of experience that photos ruin
So we just waded through the grass, and watched beauty.


one fine day

I have been tagged!
The rules of the tag is as followers:
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1) I grew up in the rural south, and loved it
2) I live in NY but miss home all the time
3) Cupcakes are my thing
4) I want to go on road trips all over America with my cameras
5) Summer, and flowers and warmth are my favorite
6) My friends mean everything
7) I meditate and do yoga every morning
I won't tag anyone, I want everyone to do it, GO!