there's a place

I have been hidden behind books and papers all day
So i'm taking a early morning break
drinking some sweet iced tea
thinking about the craziness surrounding me
I'm going to cuddle up when i get to bed
Peace would be much appreciated
Just to relax for a second,
or go a teeny bit wild
But i'm resigned to work
and drink lots of coffee and tea
(notebook doodles)


Soné said...

waaaa great finds! what lovely images you have got u here! i know the notebook doodles girl pretty impressive!

love from

*this daisy said...

This situation sounds extremely familiar! Studying, oh studying. Sigh.

I've just finished with my exams and the first thing I did was chuck my notes. Haha. All the best, love! Keep going - it'll be all worth it! ((:

Teresa said...

I love the way you use photos to express yourself! Really lovely indeed.