I'm exhausted after my first day of classes.
It's a whirlwind of people, drums and work
I found out I have far to many clothes
they don't nearly fit into the small space.
But I'm making it my own, and pulling away from summer.


now that you've come so far

This is the season of goodbyes. 
The end of a summer,
a way of life, and security.
I have said goodbye to all my closest friends, with just a few left tonight. 
I am leaving for school tomorrow,
I'm scared, and exited, and sad.
It such a strange feeling to leave my hometown.
Even stranger to spend my last day here packing, with everyone gone.
I don't know what to do.
I have had so much fun, with the best people.
I can't wait to start a new leg in life.
And live in new york.
it feels good, and sad.  Just live.


so sweet to me

the late afternoon sun is shining through my window.
My crystal that hangs there is throwing rainbows everywhere.
She and Him is playing,
And the AC is perfectly warm and cold.
I am satisfied, and dreamy, watching shadows and light shifting.
A perfect, pretty clean afternoon, 
with that great feeling you get after you have cleaned.
It is so sweet, and serene. I hope everyone is having an afternoon like this.


listen sister

I really love the idea of tattoos in strange places.
They are so fun, and playful.
So easily hidden under pants and shoes and clothes.
And they can be just about anything.
But should never be a mask.
lots of different bloggers.


vodka martini

Went to a jam session the other night.
Obviously they were great.
It was the last time I saw a few people.
We chalked the whole driveway!

And blew smoke bubbles.


funk in the doldrums

Today is errand day.
Running all over getting last things done before i go.
I would much rather be playing.  Wouldn't you.
the selby


I will drink all the time

Really all I want to do is sleep.
And do simple things with friends.
Maybe shop around a little,
But mostly just cuddle
Do every summer thing I can think of.
And try to forget that everyone is going away.
hannah+Landon, cheapthrills


the lights are on

Summer is so lovely.
So much is always going on.
All smiles all the time.  Everyone, smile a million times a day.
facehunter/his blog


in the summertime

Finally home, good to be with friends again.
Lots of last minute plans
And final gatherings.
Basically, lots of parties. I don't want summer to end.