through the super speeds.

Saw the new Disney-Pixar movie Up last night.
Very cute movie.

These photographs by Elo Vazquez are so simple and pretty.
I think I want a rope swing in my front yard.
Have a stellar sunday night.


consulted my Egyptian grammar

I bought a camera and took really fun party pictures on friday night.
Then I found out it was broken, but fixable. 
These two girls are really cute.
I think she looks impeccable. Went to the river today, skinned my knees on all the rocks, I also am horrible at rope swinging. Hope your weekend is being good.


Don't be shy

I plan on spending all summer sitting under a tree reading, any suggestions on what books I should read? I need lots of help!  Also Music suggestions, I love listening and reading.

you can ride all day long

Today was my Last day of classes.
I wish I could relax, but I still have exams.
After exams, I party!


pansy floral

I want these, allot.


carry me down

Made the first pesto of the year last night,
growing basil was the best idea.

I have been baking all weekend, making a wedding cake.
All for my graduation project, it is quite allot of work.
indiana caba


a girl like you

I'm glad that it's a beginning to a long weekend. 
I wish I was going on a trip,
But I'm staying home, to party, and to long weekend things.
drew devereaux hamlet


separated by motorways

Last night was the season finale of Gossip Girl.

I am so going to miss it. Mondays will be forever boring.
Lovely Purple Diary photos.


all this talk of getting old

Last full week of high school classes ever.
Holy shit.


Hello sunshine

I did allot of cartwheels last night in the park.
My mother is going over the wording for graduation invitations,
out loud.

I can't believe I have to send out graduation invitations. 
Olivia Malone

i love you you love me

Happy weekend!
My internet is being awful and wonky
I want a sound system like this one day.

Be good.
the selby.


we aint born typical

Just some cute boy action.
And I received an award from Faye at talking to unicorns.
The Rules
1. Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.
2 Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.
If you want this award give it to yourself, because all the blogs I have come across recently have been very lovely!


smoke out the window flows

Seeing MC Chris for the second time tonight, because i just want to go out.
it is going to be pretty great.


that chick is the shit

I babysat the worst kids ever today.
And the parents payed horrible.
But I got to eat some candy, so I guess it was alright. 
jamie campbell


sha na na

hi again.

I bought more shoes today
And went to the new anthropologie store, it was amazing