we love to entertain

Me and P. went strawberry picking last weekend.

I have been going to this farm my whole life, it's called Lyons strawberry farm
I used to walk there from my house when I was little, I live so close by.
It was great, and we got the best homemade strawberry ice cream in the whole world.
p. took the pictures


lilbent said...

These photos are all breathtaking! How did you get that effect on the camera?

hippyhippychic said...

strawberry picking is so fun! the ultimate summer activity.
i like you blog, pretty images.
(: x


s a m said...

i love these pictures, so incredibly much!
and i've missed you over on 'unconventionally beautiful' and am happy to see you back.

<3 sam

caro said...

oh you have already strawberries? I think we have to wait 2 month! but then i will make strawberry jam. hmmmmmm... by the way: nice pics!

Chickygirl said...

I just love strawberries!! Its amazing how good it tastes!