Your head in the clouds

This is going to be a crazy weekend
I can't wait to take photos
I wish weekends were forever
I have been trying to be more mindful
Yoga every morning, spirit locks, it's hard
(notebook doodles)
Especially with all the rain, and leaking closets...
(sequin magazine)


the weekender

It should be a rainy weekend.

I took the train into the city for the weekend.
I kinda forgot my camera
I plan on having fun without
Lots of fun.
I might stay in,
or hang out with friends.

I miss getting dolled up
And dressing crazy to go out
I'm having more serene nights lately
I miss parties, but like how everything is right now.



I'm debating a name change of the blog.
with changing seasons, how does ephemeralality sound?


just you

I miss old boyfriends
The specific feelings of certain relationships
Being alone is sad, but humbling
Eventually the memories blur, and they all become pretty sprinkles in life.
(hannah metz)

oh darling, please believe me

Going into the city to buy art supplies. Whimsicality is in the cards.

catch a falling leaf, make a wish

It was a perfect fall day
Everyone sprawled on the quad
Adventures were planned, and discarded
(4th and bleeker)
in favor of cigarettes.
We all turned into goofballs
(le blog de betty)
And the couples were all together
(notebook doodles)
Some people drove around in cars,
(4th and bleeker)
Others chose to art, and snack.


on the other side

Everything is blurring together. I'm not sure which person I need to be.
(here comes the sun)
Parts of me wants to go someplace simpler
(Yvan Rodic)
I don't want to be alone anymore
(notebook doodles)
I want to stay in bed, and be a little girl again.
But I also want to do new things.
(lace and cake)
I kinda want to hide
(because im addicted)
I want to reach for the sky, and party, and have fun.


think wide open

I would like to find serenity, peace, and calm.
I forgot who's photo, if it's yours, let me know.


it was ridiculous

I am obsessed with these types of things.
I love hanging pretty things from walls
I have been hanging paper cranes all around the dorm
Maybe I should buy some clothes clips.
photos from all over, if they're yours, tell me.


well beyond fit, they're lush

I have an undying love for American Apparel.
These are all the things on my metaphorical wish list.
Recently, I have had massive amounts of correspondence with AA
Lots of confusion with returning and exchanging.
It feels pretty cool to be e-mailing an actual AA employee
I would love to model for them....
But really, I just love wearing their clothes.
Everything is so slouchy and comfortable. I have been living in my leggings. Dear American Apparel, I love you, everyone does, keep being perfect.