on the other side

Everything is blurring together. I'm not sure which person I need to be.
(here comes the sun)
Parts of me wants to go someplace simpler
(Yvan Rodic)
I don't want to be alone anymore
(notebook doodles)
I want to stay in bed, and be a little girl again.
But I also want to do new things.
(lace and cake)
I kinda want to hide
(because im addicted)
I want to reach for the sky, and party, and have fun.


lilbent said...

jules, you are fab and only need to be you. your blogging is beautiful as always, and we absolutely must skype soon. I love you babygirl!

Soné said...

oooooh i love this post! hehe i also want a be a little girl but do new things as well! i think there is a little girl in all of us which we should never neglect but only embrace!

trigg and trig. said...

aw how lovely

Vanessa said...

Wonderful post, Jules! Be you, whoever that is, and if it's someone a little bit different from day to day.

GoldieLocks7 said...

This is a wonderful post. It has meaning to me.

Check out my blog at

Violet said...

i like your blog and thanks for the comment

Vi from Cali