And the hazy sea

I have been thinking about all the places I have gone swimming.
They are all over the country.
I dislike pools,
But I often find myself there at night.
I swim in rivers allot.
But not for a while, my tattoo has to stay out.  I miss swimming.


I would like to see myself

The concert was amazing last night.
It's my moms birthday, lots of celebrations.


one magic trick

The people I babysat for last night are wonderful.
They gave me free tickets to She and Him!!

I Can't wait
It's tonight and me and Anna are going.
It should be amazing,
and we have Great seats.


just a matter of time

My friend patrick just put up some of his amazing eno fest pics.
These were honestly the best three days ever.
We blew bubbles throughout. 
There is always a huge puppet parade.
The food is amazing.

I miss this. 


oh ah ah

Found out next year I'll be living in a Suite.
So happy, I'm eating ice cream for breakfast. 


claim to fame.

A round up of my recent favorite Selby shots.
It hasn't been sunny recently, I miss wearing sunnies. 

Still teaching dance class, it's great watching tiny girls leap. 
Watching princes diaries right now,
It's wonderful.
I think it's time for the sun to shine.


Birthday Girl!!

Today is my birthday!
I got my first tattoo, a rose on the back of my neck.
It has been a wonderful day.
cobrasnake, skullset


to strong to ever be forgotten

Tonight is my party for my new art room, and my birthday.
It should be fun
And a little crazy.


let me whisper in your ear

Arrived back from NYC last night.

I had a blast, and a few dance parties. 


missing sundays

Tomorrow I will leave for New York, and orientation.
Hopefully it will be a breeze.


why do we all

The past week has been a blur.
Lots of morning and nights, and children and food.
I can't remember the last time I was this sleepy.
I need a break.


the way that I turn my head

Days lose track of time in the summer. Go play like it's friday night.


it's as if the whole wide world is my stage

Today was the last day of Eno Fest.
It rained all day long.
Me and Anna came home and watched a movie with ice cream.

Fourth of july was more of the same.

The second half of the summer seems to have started.
I'm sad, but exited as well.

Hope the long weekend was everything you needed.
the selby