New York, I LOVE you

My two favorite cities
Paris Je T'aime is my weekly watched movie, and I cannot wait until this one comes out, and the cast is amazing!  Blake Lively is in it as well!  (Gossip Girl returns September 1!) 


crossing over..

                                                                       to the dark side.
                                                                        Rachel Mcadams
These are shots from a recent article in T Magazine shot by Raymond Meier.  It is hard to believe that this is the same cutie from The Notebook.  Black lipstick, and all around blackness is something that has been coming up allot in the fall and spring shows recently.  It looks good on the runway, but if I saw a chick with black lipstick on, I am fairly pos that I would high tail it out of there.  Halloween and punk shows is the only time when it is appropriate off the runway.  To read the whole article and see the rest of the photos, go here.

and so it begins..

What I wore today... even though it was rainy, and I was freezing.
Rainy Rainy day, many many more to come.  Went to coffee with mads after school, it was fun, I have gotten back on a coffee kick so watch out.  I dont know how I am going to keep up with life now that I have mountains of homework.
I felt very normal today in terms of clothing, it felt very tame for me.  If American Apparel made shoes (and i so, so wish they did), then I am sure that there would be many days where all of my clothing would be from them.  Last year especially there would be days where I would wear all one clothing brand, right down to my skivvies.  Hopefully this year I will change it up more.
Skirt-American Apparel
Shirt-American Apparel
Boots- Urban Outfitters


sometimes at the end you start to remember the beginning

First day, of Senior! year.
It was such a LONG day, I had completely forgotten how boring school is!  It was great to know that I am a senior, I have honestly been looking forward to this day my whole life (well maybe more graduation but close enough).  I totally remember being a freshy and thinking the seniors were Sooo cool.  It does not seem like I would be one of those hella older kids, but I totally am, so yay! 


Here comes the good part....

Today was the absolute last day of summer

Me and a. gatherd a Wellspring picnic together for a trek to duke gardens

Summer is gone, and dinner was great.  I have no idea what life is going to be with out the long hazy days.  Oh well, time to rule the school.

rolled down, spun up

After staying up till six entranced with a mystery novel and trying to squeeze ever last drop of summer out, i felt like doing nothing more than starting a new one.  Alas though I had the horrible task of fighting my way through screaming children to get all my necessary school supplies.  The only bright spots in my day were dinner with A. and my new American Apparel backpack and winter leggings i just ordered along with a discount thanks to be being a senior, YAY.

Slip-Grannys Pantys
Bottom slip-Urban Outfitters


Hurrah, Hurray, Hur-who

Anna and kath with the cookie dough truffles. 

Playing with my hat.

Had my last summer party last night.  

So much fun!

I also made corndogs, and funnel cakes, and hush puppys, and truffles.
Michael and mads
Xan with anna
Stef and sars
Pat chowed down on the dogs, (congrats)
Kaths and stefy
It was a fun night.  We all sat around and listed to music the whole night, thanks to everyone who pitched in for juice.

Splotchy Sunspray

Sara invited me on a relaxation day.

We went to Wrightsville Beach

Michael and the seagulls that were basically attacking our goldfish.  

The boys...

It was a great time... exactly what I needed after tuesday.  We all got a bit sunburned because we had a shortage of spray sunscreen, so mostly the boys had splotches of burns.  

West Coast kids


The view from guggys house..yeah that is San Fran in the distance.  

Went to Point Isabelle with kels and CP
California was a blast, it was great to see everyone again.