Re-routed, reviewed, rewound, patted down

Back in the big D.  After having the most stressful flight experience ever, i have learned a few more things about flight etiquette. 
1) Always ALWAYS keep your I.D on you at all times, not in a pocket where it could fall out, but zipped up stowed away, this applies to your money and phone.
2) Always bring a list of important phone numbers, and keep it separate from your phone, incase you lose it.  
3) Bring tissues
4) Bring change for pay phones, in case you lose yours, or it dies.
5) Check to make sure you have everything you need before you get out of the car.
6) Have a backup plan incase you miss a flight.
7) Make sure all your liquids are tightly sealed. 
I learned all these the hard way on my nearly 18 hour trip back home.  I had the trifecta, no I.D, no phone, no money.  On top of that I missed my last connecting flight and had to drive the three and a half hours from Charlotte back to Durham.
Now that I am actually home I am dashing to get everything back in working order.  Tomorrow is a beach day with Sara and the M boys.  I cant even think about work or school quite yet.

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