count in fives

I want these.

Masks are so fun, and have so many functions. 

This is how I hang all my sunnies as well!
Selby photos, Love these. Today was not wonderful, and it was grey, but tomorrow is friday!


original lie

The magic wands were super cute, and amazing.
I am so in love with Ferris, the lead singer of the Horrors. 
he signed my set list, I'm content. 

The Kills were amazing! 
They make me want to be a rock star.

The whole thing was amazing, and I couldn't be happier.

hook and line

Last night the kills, the horrors and the magic wands played at the cradle.
It was perfect, i'll put up pictures later.


the insanity

I have allot of work to do tonight, I'm a little worried about missing Gossip Girl.


acting like a good guy

It's hot again, I'm happy.
I started my vegetable garden this morning, peppers, and squash, and lots more.

These two pictures feel like summer, allot.
Hope you had a great weekend.
katharina schumacher


a long time to wait

It's 90 degrees today, me and S laid out in the sun 
All my freckles are starting to come back.
Katie Shapiro


I will call you when I can

Home again.
Blissfully hot, and I have a head cold.
Happy friday!
Mark West


hug a tree for me

Off to New York City, visiting Purchase college on thursday and friday, if you know of any things I need to see while up there, let me know.  Happy Earth Day! 
skull set

let me love you

This was my hair at lunch today, super windy.

Sunny, and a sweet april shower. Plus a half day, wind chimes are going crazy. Go fly a kite!
kendall core


we all scream

It's free cone day and B&J's. Go get one, and be really cute. 
we heart it

maybe one day i'll fly, who knows

My door is opening and shutting on it's own, it keeps startling me.
I feel a bit like doing this, but outside in the sun.


drug dealer girl

It was really balmy and warm today, with short bursts of sun, really nice.

These are super nice, and remind me of a really quaint late spring

They are joanie mcmanus, I am loving how classical they are.

blood in her eyes for you

Today was a fun monday.
joanie mcmanus


and a cigarette

I am missing Girl Talk playing free on Wednesday. 
I'm a little bit bummed out.
But I'm going to be in NYC for three days, so it kinda makes up for it.

it's always been there

Art walk was today, saw lots of galleries and watched M. be a statue.
Trying to decide if I want to go to the after party or not, I'm pretty pooped.
I might just dance at home! Hope everyone had a good weekend!!

shake shake

Nylon Records first band is the Plastiscines , watch the Nylon short film with them, and Amber Tamblyn who I adore. 

let it be

Tonight I moved my summer clothes from the hallway drawers into my own.

It was like going on a treasure hunt.  Now I can't wait for 98 degree weather. 
sara loves polaroids