a long time to wait

It's 90 degrees today, me and S laid out in the sun 
All my freckles are starting to come back.
Katie Shapiro


rudi said...

ahh i'd be doing the same if only i wasn't ill :( beautiful pictures! x

Maverick Malone said...

Oh man, you know what? It was near 90 degrees here the other day (I'm in San Francisco) and it was just WAYYYY too hot for me. I'm from the northeast coast where it's quite mild or cool in temp and the heat was SO overbearing, it gave me headaches!! The sunshine was nice though :) Glad you had fun with it!!
Cute pics....I like the color contrast in the second one a lot.
xox, mavi

Little Lj said...

I wish it was that hot here.. it's sunny, but there's quite a wind going on at the moment..