making lemonade with the kitchen aid

Spring break, finally.
Spent the whole morning laying in the sun listing to birds and people whistling.  I only got a little burned! 
emily cross


Vanessa said...

Haha, nice giant strawberry!

lapassante said...

You're on HOLIDAYS?! I am so jealous.

Lo et Molly Shameless said...

aww that giant strawberry is so sweet.

i adore it.


rudi said...

there used to be a giant strawberry near where i lived years ago, like to advertise a strawberry picking field... it brings back some lovely summer memories!

i don't know why i told you that i just thought i would!

Stompface said...

ahhh I don't get what your guys spring break is..but I am on easter holidays and it is pretty sweet.

I wish I could go bike riding ...stupid broken bike.


Annie said...

penny on the train track = best song ever. no doubt.