behind the chrysler, under the dj, in front of the moving picture show

Candy Land

Razzles, first its candy, then its gum

sundays at elmos
passing time before TKO

had a mini dance party with a. and margie before we went to tko, no one appreciated the music so loud, but it really wasn't that late so whatever

TKO dance party at ringside

cutest ever

a. looking sleepy

every third saturday....thanks nathan for the wicked mix


grannies panties behind the champagne

jours du parti

shoes, i know!!!!
j. and i walked around downtown all night and took some craz polaroids, he stole most of them

j. & j.
thelma and freddie, jeenkys!!
the after math

it was a long night

on our way to s.h

ice skate


after during pep

it's the cheesiest 


what boys

happy valentines day
the past few days have basic been a non stop party...it was pretty fab, and there's only more to come!  Never before have we appreciated champagne and chocolate more, it was done proper this time around