2008 is over- it is officially the year of seniors 2009.  To start it off, a few new years resolutions--
I resolve to be a better friend, not stand up for myself, to be true to myself (to figure out who that is) To buy better shoes, to study more, to meet new people, to be better, to do more art, to be more patient, to clean my room more, to take better care of myself, physically, mentally, and emotionally, to take more risks, to tell people what i think, have more courage, save more money, be nicer, enjoy life more, take more photos, get ready for college, be more active, see my friends more.  I just resolve to be better, to get out with the old and in with the good.  Hope everyone had a good year, and has an even better one net year. 


around the neck

These are just a few of my favorite necklaces this season- this is the Lanvin pearl neclace
The AllDressedUp fringe necklace, originally designed by Francesca Versace, I normally hate fringe but these are amazing.
I love this Wright & Teague necklace.  Those are african beads, and it all goes to Oxfam.


Snow Flake

My new party dress

I'm off to the company Holiday Party.   


The first snow Angel, since I was maybe seven, eight?  

The pond behind the house.  MA was amazing.  The snow was entrancing, and It was just beautiful. 

The Sun in Her Eyes

Can I just say, 13 inches.  Hmm I love Massachusetts! 


white christmas!

Happy Christmas Eve!  Go play in the snow!!


come fly with me, lets fly away

I'm off to NYC then Amherst for a week or more.  SNOW!!

story board

A few Polaroids I took on national portfolio day.

You can let a Maxi up, but you can't let a mini down

All of these are from an amazing blog chronicling mini skirts in the 60's and 70's.  I am pretty much in love with it, seeing as mini skirts are about half my wardrobe.  The pictures are all so great, and even though I don't understand a word, I cant tear my eyes away.  Go check it out now.