BB-Q Death Q

xan n' me in a hoola hoop battle 



the gang

Death Q was last night- so many mishapps....the vegi burgers would not grill....but then they did, and they were delish.  Margi made cupcakes, and i made baked mac n' cheese, we had fizzys and lemonade as well.  Summer parties have officially begun.  I went strawberry picking with dad at Lyons Farms, got good ice cream there, and tons of berrys.


peggy sue went to denver....

smooshed up razzleberrys in champaign
A. came over saturday, we watched the dreamers, and went swinging and traipsing around trinity-while doing so we found free stuff coupons, i got free net flix

I refused to get in the water after pat, we could only find treacherous swimming holes, and after hiking, getting desperately lost, and cover in spider webs, and poison stuff, we ended up getting back to where we started, and then i got in the water...
Before did the mini yardsale deathsale with A.--i made cup-cakes, no one bought them

S. and feesh came over, went to get munchers at cookout

meg made cookies as well

Four days left of school....then exams, then summer!  



Thanks NYLON blogs-
GUYS- this is the coolest thing i have seen in a long time, all about dimonds and body parts and bugs eating faces, not as gross as it sounds! Check it out-blu


Vintage Potatoes

Summer Daze....

Anna and i broke out the hoops before the irons,  loco pops and flowers signify 


Walked around downtown for a bit
It was the last TKO, it was amazing, and so packed that we hardly had room to dace, we also started the floor, and got noticed for it, of course.  Time to find a new dance party to replace.
This month has been so hectic, ith only more to come, i havnt had time to even read Gatsby, as exited as i am to, i just cant find a second.  SAT prep continues, and dance dwindles, final exams are in two weeks, and then school os over with.  I had my firt real summer day today with A.  Gave her a wicked hair wrap and dumpster dived before coming home to cook....
Happy Mothers Day!