crossroads of culture

Go outside today, instead of being cooped up studying. Have fun!
(sean marc lee)


man oh men

These are my three guys in NYC
Wonderful people who asked for photographs while i was walking
notice their postures?
for more nyc pictures check out cupcake


time warp

Culture Shock is TOMORROW!!
The whole school is exited
It's a tradition
Our huge, insane, out of control music fest
basically we party
and paint faces
and everything else
Amazing treats will be everywhere
along with so much joy
and chaos


Summer starts in May this year

I am ready for pic-nicks in the park
(Sequin Magazine)
Ready for a space to breath in
(notebook doodles)Ready to paint, create, and mix with time to spare
Ready to lounge under flowers
(Lace and Cake)
Ready to reside on blankets with gal pals
Ready to catch sunset rays
Ready to be surrounded by space
Dye my hair
and Ready to sleep all day