Sunshine you tease me

From the Erin Wasson RVCA blog, I love the sock monkey couple, I grew up with those, and love that everyone has those now, I thought that only one person made them, and no one knew about them until last year when I saw them in Urban Outfitters, I was devastated.


Paul Paper Photography, really beautiful stuff.  "If you were a dinosaur, I would be one right next to you" found this really cool web-site of overheard snippets of conversation 

spoonful of sugar, cupful of icing

Tea, dinner, ice skating, confections, downtown...
Have A fun Weekend!


Cupids Arrow Quiver

This is the kind of relationship I want, Grace and Kenyan, this is from the Selby.  I especially like the tub, not necessarily the photo, but the tub itself, I always wanted a claw footed tub.


Contrary wise

These are all images from Lifelounge, it's kinda like found, except it's all photos, and most of theme are exceptionally beautiful. I am anticipating a wonderful weekend, hope all of you are likewise.


Ridin Dirty Face

A few of my favorite images from Mike Brodie, otherwise known as "The Polaroid Kid"


Shadow puppet

Reminders that summer is coming, even if it seems like it's far away.

When the Dog Bites, When the Bee Stings

Cupcakes with sprinkles and towering icing seem to bring a smile to everyone's face.  Love is a wonderful thing, that only needs to be thought about, and should always be thought about, so go think about it!
Fliker user KSquier


Art Inspires

The Christian Dior Couture Spring 09 Galliano fashion runways were right off of legendary painter Vermeer's paint brush.  All of the dresses have that beautiful feel about them that Vermeer captures so perfectly in his most famous painting, Girl With A Pear Earring.