with mushrooms, and onions, cheese and green peppers, my first cactus burrito was fifteen times better than expected

jon loved it, and talked non stop about how his best friends grandmother would make the best cooked cactus, would pick them right off the ground in the back yard, good old California
if we had cactus down south, it would be fried
old tractors and construction equipment littered the school yard, the darkness and lack of street lights that the city of Durham conveniently forgot to fund for, prevented me from getting any more than lit up ground
streets and trees and cars at night have a creepy feeling

fourth out sidework

Work sucked
and the question is when does work not ever suck, unless your a call girl, then i suppose your the one doing the sucking
it has been decided amongst all my absurdly short coworkers, that our place is the place that all the tall people come to eat
it must be the high ceilings, makes them feel reasonably normal sized, when in actuality they are giants, and honestly
when leading them to their tables, i can get quite intimidated, for one day i am sure that i will be squashed

i had nothing better to do tonight, except smell like burgers and fries