and a cigarette

I am missing Girl Talk playing free on Wednesday. 
I'm a little bit bummed out.
But I'm going to be in NYC for three days, so it kinda makes up for it.


Too Many Tights said...

In that last pic you're kind of like a fashion ninja. That's hot. Love the lighting in those top two as well... :)

agnes said...

A trip to NYC????that's cool,, have fun there :)

pistolwhipped said...

awww when we saw girl talk is was the best thing ever! have you seen him before? but we wouldn't mind a trip to nyc either. very lucky!
lots of love pistolwhipped xx

Eeli said...

Have a fantastic trip to NY! ANd I <3 <3 <3!!! Cobrasnake lol

Hope you have a fab start to the new week peach.

xx Eeli

Marilyn Hayward said...

I definitely think NYC balances out the free girl talk...although a free girl talk show does sound pretty awesome.

Miranda said...

yay for nyc ! :)
have fun while you're in my neck of the woods haha

Julia.K. said...

I've seen girl talk, and I've been to new york. I'd say they are both great. But I lalalove NY. Have fun!

Julie said...

i am pretty much dying for a trip to NYC.