and so it begins..

What I wore today... even though it was rainy, and I was freezing.
Rainy Rainy day, many many more to come.  Went to coffee with mads after school, it was fun, I have gotten back on a coffee kick so watch out.  I dont know how I am going to keep up with life now that I have mountains of homework.
I felt very normal today in terms of clothing, it felt very tame for me.  If American Apparel made shoes (and i so, so wish they did), then I am sure that there would be many days where all of my clothing would be from them.  Last year especially there would be days where I would wear all one clothing brand, right down to my skivvies.  Hopefully this year I will change it up more.
Skirt-American Apparel
Shirt-American Apparel
Boots- Urban Outfitters

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