I just want your kiss

Bloody bad day today.  Between a horrible hangover, a hard decision and feeling generally despondent, today was complete shit.  Tomorrow I leave for California, which means a six hour plane ride, and lugging around my weight in bags.  I haven't even got any of my flight details yet because my fucking mother messed everything up.  
On a brighter note, I got to meet A's friend Durga today.  They came over for a short bit to watch the Olympics with me.  Today was mainly Mens sync swimming and gymnastics.  It was quite wonderful to watch.  The USA mens gymnastics team won a bronze today in the team competition, with Japan getting the silver and China receiving the gold.  Also, Michael Phelps won another gold medal today, actually I think it was two.  
My camera chord still has not arrived, so photos are not to be coming up anytime soon.  

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