Saturday night we drove to Philly to go to the Material Culture party.  It was fun even though my cam died.
On Sunday we spent the whole day at Material Culture
Rug room

George just got a couple hundred more quilts from Pakistan 

We helped him open them up and sort through.  


Amy, George and dad
George hired Tibetan Monks to work at Material Culture, they were so amazing.  
The store was amazing, and so was the party.  Check out the web page here.  It is basically the most amazing import store ever, and for what these things are they are so nicely priced.  George ended up giving us two of the quilts, and I love mine!!  We stayed in the Ritz in Philly, and I had my own suit.  It was really a wonderful time.  Sunday after shopping we drove back to the city with a stuffed car.  

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