Puddle Hopper

Tomorrow I leave for New York, and then philly, and then Northampton, Massachusetts.  I am going up to shop, and visit with my dad and his partner.  It is going to be a hectic week, but I am exited.  My plane does not leave until nearly four in the afternoon tomorrow, but being obsessive, I have already packed, and gotten everything ready for tomorrow.  I have been trying to learn the art of packing light ever since my luggage got lost for nearly two weeks and I turned into a charity case.  I have skimmed down my luggage to just one little duffle, and my computer bag with all my my chords and electronics stuffed in.  All in all I end up teetering to one side with the weight of all my bags.  I hate the pesky rule of only being allowed to bring two carry on bags, because this means that I end up having to pack my day wear bag into my duffle bag.  
Recently Picked Picks did a post about traveling, and posted some very helpful tips.  I decided that in the spirit of traveling I would add a few of my own.  
1) For plane wear, always consider what you are going to be doing once you get off the plane.  If you happen to know that you will be going out, then try and wear something versatile that can be both plane appropriate, and also nice enough to wear out.  It is usually much more convenient than packing an alternate outfit and having to change into it once you arrive at your destination.  Large layered outfits always have been my best friends on planes, because jeans can get restricting, I suggest longer/wider skirts or leggings so that you can curl up or stretch out easily.  Also always always bring a large scarf along.  They can come in handy for reasons such as a blanket when one is not provided, and also can help hide away from any creepy fellow passengers.  
2) Don't try and fool the security guards.  Put all the liquids you have into smaller bottles (wall-mart, target, CVS), and don't try to get away with bringing any sort of knives of scissors (all though if the blade is under four inches and the tips are rounded then they are okay).  It is no use to try and fool these people, because if they find you out, then they might very well empty out your whole bag and un-earth some things that you would not like the whole security line to see.  You can find a whole list of the approved items here.
3) Bring a book to read.  Magazines can be fun, but they also don't last very long, and usually get thrown away once you are done with them.  For long layovers and the always possible delay, books tend to provide the best entertainment.  I personally love the trashy books because they can distract you from the airport bustle, but the bustle wont distract you from the book.  
4) I am not sure if outside food is allowed, but if it is then bring your own.  Airport food is overpriced and not usually very good.
5) For some people (like myself) flying is one of their least favorite things to do.  For you guys I suggest bringing sleeping pills, or maybe some sort of legal depressant or sedative.  It will make the flight so much easier, and usually you will feel better on arrival.  
6) Don't wear much makeup.  On long (or even short) flights makeup can get easily smeared, or rubbed off, and can leave you looking like a raccoon with a bad skin problem by the time you de-plane.  Bring a light face wash and makeup with you in your carry on if you need to look nice when you emerge from the airport.  If you are a person who cant leave the house without makeup on, then i suggest just a light mascara and a light powder to tide you over.  Hair should likewise be simple because no matter what the airplane seats will mess it up.  
7) Wear shoes that can easily be slipped on and off.  Security check points are a hassle to avoid, and it is also annoying to walk around the airport barefoot until you can find a decent place to sit down and put the shoes back on.  
Hopefully I will still have time to blog while in New York.

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