it was ridiculous

I am obsessed with these types of things.
I love hanging pretty things from walls
I have been hanging paper cranes all around the dorm
Maybe I should buy some clothes clips.
photos from all over, if they're yours, tell me.


Sergovic said...

Thanks for the comment.

You have a very special way of looking at things. :) There's a certain lightness and comfort reading through your posts.

Gloria said...

my friend used to have clothes pins on a line hanging up the coolest random things. its easy but very unique to each individual!

chrissybizzle said...

oh i am so ridiculous when it comes to this! i have vintage fabric bunting, polaroids hanging from wooden pegs on string, bob dylan song lyrics hanging from string and fairy lights.. i have decided i will always enjoy clutter. x

andrea said...

You can make stuff like this pretty easily!! Try doing a search for "bunting tutorial"...good luck!