catch a falling leaf, make a wish

It was a perfect fall day
Everyone sprawled on the quad
Adventures were planned, and discarded
(4th and bleeker)
in favor of cigarettes.
We all turned into goofballs
(le blog de betty)
And the couples were all together
(notebook doodles)
Some people drove around in cars,
(4th and bleeker)
Others chose to art, and snack.


harlequins party said...

Cute post!! :) Great blog sweet.

St├ęphanie said...

Fabulous pictures !

deyn said...

great pictures ^^

Belle Dame Sans Merci said...

hello there!
nice pictures they made me happy!

Violet said...

i love how you connected the images together

Vi from Cali

cookie said...

I really like the picture with the monkey :)
soo cute! ^-^

Bingo Game said...

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