the weekender

It should be a rainy weekend.

I took the train into the city for the weekend.
I kinda forgot my camera
I plan on having fun without
Lots of fun.
I might stay in,
or hang out with friends.

I miss getting dolled up
And dressing crazy to go out
I'm having more serene nights lately
I miss parties, but like how everything is right now.


Macy said...

these photos are so cool!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures.

Juuli said...

i love those pics

Peek said...

maybe hold a party?

Vanessa said...

Oh, love the last one with the balloons!

Electro Geisha said...

great photos i hope youve had a fab weekend :)

cookie said...

I LOVE the style of those shots! amazin'!

Eva Internazionale said...

Everyone in this post is so pretty.

Trendy Girl said...

the photos are just great!! i love the different tights! so inspiring!


Court said...

Ah yes! Dressing crazy to go out. LOVE IT!

fashionable palette said...

great photos...especially the last one!