consulted my Egyptian grammar

I bought a camera and took really fun party pictures on friday night.
Then I found out it was broken, but fixable. 
These two girls are really cute.
I think she looks impeccable. Went to the river today, skinned my knees on all the rocks, I also am horrible at rope swinging. Hope your weekend is being good.


Annie said...

they are so cute! i love how their outfit colors totally contrast, it makes for excellent pictures.

daniB said...

ouch! i hope your knees feel better(:

& these photos are too much fun!
i lalalove the yellow tights...very much 60s(:


hope your weekend is going good!

setyourselfonfire said...

i love these pictures! i want that yellow dress!

lilbent said...

Hey I know this was for the other post, but look up Francesca Lia Block, she has a series of books called "Dangerous Angels", it takes place in LA and it's like these really beautiful and poetic sort of modern day fairy tales. Really hard to describe, but I know that you would fucking love them, they are SO up your alley.

Your blog is GOREGOUS as always :]

Sylvia said...

Those pictures are so amazing!! Love the contrast and those striped yellow tights. The day by the rivers sounds fun (albeit a little painful!)

Mandy said...

yellow and black tights are amzing. do you know where they are from?

Vanessa said...

Great pics-- love those yellow tights to death. Get some Neosporin for those knees, eh? :) My weekend's going well-- pretty lazy, but well.

Lo said...

these are great! I love the tights.

Loupy said...

wow these photos are amazing (:
i love the tights!

i hope your knees are okay.

Lou said...

cuteness³ x

seacity said...

i would like to have this hair cut!