so sweet to me

the late afternoon sun is shining through my window.
My crystal that hangs there is throwing rainbows everywhere.
She and Him is playing,
And the AC is perfectly warm and cold.
I am satisfied, and dreamy, watching shadows and light shifting.
A perfect, pretty clean afternoon, 
with that great feeling you get after you have cleaned.
It is so sweet, and serene. I hope everyone is having an afternoon like this.


evie said...

i wish!

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures.

Little Lj said...

That YSL bag... MUST HAVE!

Anna Galkina said...


I'm not sure if you've had a Kreativ Blogger award yet, but I would like to pass it on to you as your blog is very beautiful.
Check out bookearly.blogspot.com for details!


Ima said...

those pictures are great :)

Ancarol said...

it real so sweet shoot that you took ... i want to do the sweet shoot tooooooooo !

Alanna said...

what a beautiful collection of photographs!

Juuli said...

love this !!

agnes said...

what a lovely afternoon it is,, i miss it.

agnes :)