now that you've come so far

This is the season of goodbyes. 
The end of a summer,
a way of life, and security.
I have said goodbye to all my closest friends, with just a few left tonight. 
I am leaving for school tomorrow,
I'm scared, and exited, and sad.
It such a strange feeling to leave my hometown.
Even stranger to spend my last day here packing, with everyone gone.
I don't know what to do.
I have had so much fun, with the best people.
I can't wait to start a new leg in life.
And live in new york.
it feels good, and sad.  Just live.


lilbent said...

trust me, it gets fucking awesome as soon as you get there. you can do it baby!!

agnes said...

a new life could be frightening (to step out from your comfort zone) and it will always be EXCITING!. just be brave with everything new ahead, i am sure that you will enjoy every single bit of it my dear:)

DT said...

all the best!! n u'll enjoy once u reach there

Vanessa said...

You're going to love it, but the first time you and all your friends part ways, it's really hard. It gets easier, though.

Little Lj said...

You'll be fine!

I can't believe its the end of summer. *sob*

Hannah Beerman said...

beautiful pictures. sad summer is ending!

rachel is a dreamer said...

oh i love your words and love these photos. so lovely. my fav is the bike ride photo toward the bottom with the hat and flower shorts and that last photo. so dreamy. cherish the memories and embrase whats ahead. im sure your journey will be a great one!
peace & love.

Anonymous said...