one fine day

I have been tagged!
The rules of the tag is as followers:
1. thank whoever gave this to you
2. copy award
3. post it in your blog
4. tell us 7 things that your readers don’t know
5. link 4 new blogger
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7. keep being awesome

1) I grew up in the rural south, and loved it
2) I live in NY but miss home all the time
3) Cupcakes are my thing
4) I want to go on road trips all over America with my cameras
5) Summer, and flowers and warmth are my favorite
6) My friends mean everything
7) I meditate and do yoga every morning
I won't tag anyone, I want everyone to do it, GO!


Tasha said...

These are great pictures!

Vanessa said...

Loved finding out more about you, and I love the photo of that girl in front of the American flag!

Floor said...

veryy cool picturess! x