girl on fire

Halloween was amazing
We had such a chill night
But went crazy, with champagne
It rained, we had to find shelter all night
I was Edie Sedgwick
Ty was amazing
I loved it
Today has been all about chill
Weekends are amazing


Grace said...

mmm champagne! love it and love the costume!

Vanessa said...

I love your costume! You make a great Edie for sure.

Macy said...

you make a really great Edie. Looks like it was a fantastic weekend!

rachel is a dreamer said...

looks like fun! i love your costume, the bubble umbrella, and holla hooping is the best. :)
peace & love!

Girl Next Blog said...

Great costume! And that umbrella is so cool!


MelRoXx said...

I so agree with your title! How savvy! x

ERRA-TRON said...

Tag your it!
your so awesome that you've been taged.

see my blog for more