Fair's Fair

State Fair!!

Spider crazy scary ride...
In action
My first (and last) ever deep fried candy bar- I got a milky way, it was so sweet i though I was going to choke....
Best Ride in the world, I love the ferris wheel.
Second best ride ever- Needless to say, I am a master at the bumper cars!  I even got a string of beads from the master of the machine when I got off.

The DSA horse- follow the yellow brick road..
Me on the roller-coaster in the first picture.  I really hate rides, except for the ferris wheel.  I am terrified of heights, so being talked into riding this one was hard.  All I could think was "I AM going to DIE!"  I couldn't even walk afterward.  
There was a fire going when I got home.
First fire of the year, the whole house smell wonderful.  

Scarlett Johansson- I don't want to grow up

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