The yard sale was this morning- It was Freezing!
Tons of little kids showed up, and bought all of my old animals and trinkets.  This one even bought my shoes...
Perfect outfit
First time i have ever worn tights with shorts, I never really was keen on the idea before, but now I love it, Especially in the weird weather we have these days.  

So many clothes
The product of a few sleepless nights
My three foot high pile of shoes has shrunk to about a two foot pile now that i got rid of so many shoes, it was a really painful experience watching them all walk away...
I have had these stuffies for years- they all have names still, they were hard to watch go as well...
It turned out to be pretty amazing.  Not only did I get to see tons of people, and get tons of free coffee, but i made a good amount of money (almost 100$ yay!)  So of course i went shopping afterwards.  Thanks so much to everyone who came out!!

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