Played hooky today and went to the Obama rally in Raleigh 
We had to stand in line for three hours, and it was freezing
but it was toaly worth it

We were so far back, i am just glad my camera zooms allot
He was so amazing!!  A wonderful speaker, and so funny.  He seemed like he was un-scripted, but you never know.  There was a woman who fainted up near the front, probably from standing up for so long.  He was so sweet about it, he totally stopped talking, called the EMT's over, and was talking to everyone over the mic, asking if anyone had water, and to give her some room.  The thing was, no one had water because no one was allowed to bring liquids into the rally, so he got her some, and went and gave it to her.  I love him so much...GO VOTE! 

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