My Urban Order came to me today!
This is my new wallet, the only genuinely new one I have had since age twelve I believe.
An Amazing lace body suit, it even buttons "down there"  I am so exited for it.

A two panel slip, it turned out to fit me as a dress even though it is meant as a shirt.  

Another romper to add to my collection.  This one is a bit more risky, the shorts are slit all the way up, but maybe paired with the lace body suit i could pull it off.
I love shopping online, and feel compelled to do so.  Ebay has become my biggest addiction, but I am trying and trying to save up for next summer, so i now have a cash points card that will not allow me to buy stuff online.  I am both happy, and sad about this fact.  I am still on the search for another pair of perfect boots.  I want both knee highs like these  and a pair like these.  I also am in search of a perfect winter coat.  I know exactly what I want, I just cant find one anywhere.  I'll do a wish list post soon i suppose.  

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