The Country look

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Urban Renewal for Urban Outfitters
Urban Renewal for Urban Outfitters
One of the big trends for fall this year is the Country Look.   Lots of plaids and tweeds, and all sorts of chunky boots and heavy layering.  Growing up in rural North Carolina and spending my vacations visiting Washington and New England, I grew up around this kind of style.  It was never considered cool, or fashionable to wear big plaid shirts under denim jackets, or to belt a tweed coat.  For the people I grew up surrounded by, it was just another way to keep warm.  The big chunky boots that seem to be so popular these days, are the same kind that we used to have as kids to much around in,  and the baggy pants and unlaced shoes are what we would wear when we were on our way to the river.  It is interesting to see childhood fashions glamed up, and I am in no way against this new fad; I just urge people to not take it lightly, because if not structured correctly, you could very easily look like your on your way to feed the cows.  

Parade of the Wolf

Pat and me went to the Wolf Parade show at the Lincoln theater last night.  

It got really packed really quick.  

They played amazing, and it was hard not to dance, so I don't understand why most people were just bopping their heads.   I was exhausted by the end, but happy to have had the chance to go!!

elle et lui

Me and A went to go see the She & Him show at the Cradle Monday night.  It was so amazing, my heart felt like it was going to drop out my butt.  It was such an amazing show!!  Before hand, in Weaver street we actually spotted Zooey doing some pre-show shopping.  I love my celebrity spotting eye.  Sadly there was a pretty severe no picture rule, so I don't have any.  


following the music

The Boys came over last night for a movie night. 
Between movies we went on a walk. 

Music was playing at Alivia's.

I have learned never ever to let boys try and cook, they made an utter mess. 

Butter Cube

Saturday morning we all crowded into cracker barrel.  

It was my very first time there.

Before that we went to the Grove Park Inn for tea and sight seeing.  

So Pretty

The drive home was long, and tiring.  I would love to go back when all the other people are not invading downtown.   


"Yes, were 20, now can we park already?!" Bele Chere

Bellshare was on Friday.  
We found the best red velvet cupcakes around.
At the Brew n' View 

My second favorite coffee shop ever.  It is a converted double decker bus. 

It was packed

In the morning Kelsy, Lydia and jenny showed us around UNCA.  It's a very cute campus

All in all Bele Chere was cool, we didnt quite get the whole experience since we were running around all day with Kelsy, and then shopping before all the shops closed, but it was fun anyway.  It felt a little bit like the state fair, center fest, and the eno all mixed into one.  

It tastes like the little mermaid!!

Jen me and Sara sped up to Asheville on thursday.
We got up around 12:45 and were all exhausted and starved.  So we ran to wall-mart and loaded up on snack food for the weekend.  
We met up with Kels and Joey to explore the empty town before Bele Chere swarmed in.  

It was an exhausting night, but a fun drive.  Asheville was so cool, even halfway empty and dark. I did find my new obsession though, and 24 hour coffee shop that is making me seriously consider moving up there just to be close to it.    


Walltown Performing Arts

Ms. Penn and some kiddys working on tap

Ben being amazing

Anthony with his very very cool socks
For the past few weeks i have been volunteering at a performing arts camp with the company i dance with.  It has been great, and i have met some very cool people, and realized how tiring children can be.