me and millie from rocky mnt. playing the the brief snow

Me and A. before the party, we got bored, all dressed up and no where to dance

A Few party shots
So me and A. and Marg. threw a post exam party, it was supposed to be a two day affair but of course we party with the swim teams, so they all had practice at four the next morning, so we left them around two thirty....i filmed most of the day, once a. came at least, we chronicled everything from dollar store adventures to rave dancing, it was going to be proper, but i cant figure out how to transfer the vid. so any one who knows, help me out! We ended up doing a snow dance around three, and it tots worked, just had a delayed reaction, because we def got like and inch of snow or something. me and millie ended up going to lunch the next day at watts street grocery, and had fabby parfait and salmon (her not me) served to us by the hot waiter who i always loved, and thats when it started snowing.

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