Everything is poop right now.
The past few weeks have totally sucked, and between conflicts with audition dates, and the france kids coming, and my lack of prom date (btw, latest update on that is that i got rejected by the dork i like, because he just wanted to be friends i think, and used a lame excuse, so i don't like him anymore, and he is still going to prom, so i have to deal with that) 
And there is glenn just pushing and pushing about everything, and money, and the fact i have to quit Elmos, and i have to learn to sing in a month, and i don't even know if i can do both auditions, because the next date is the twelfth, the day they go back to france, so i couldn't even see them off, and poop
and i don't think i'm going to tko this weekend, because i have so much to do, and i just don't even know......... and i cant believe he doesn't like me fuck!
poop, i just don't know what to do anymore.

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