ressort censuré

the french kids got here on wednesday 

they were jet lagged, but b&j's cures hangovers and jet lag

then saturday Georgie James, Tereu Tereu and Olivia and The Housemates at BlackCat

i debated the whole show, and came up that he was a cutie

Olivia and The Housemates

Tereu Tereu

They all played well, and i was really surprised at how good tereu tereu was, they pulled their weight.  Georgie James was amazing, i danced allot, and the drunk girls in front of me (they kept taking up the whole front row and wouldn't let anyone else in...but i managed, they liked me) grabbed me the set list...they were better than when they came to the cradle.  

moseyed around washington with Manu

Ran into manou, anna, and anastasia, ended up having sushi 

then brunch this morning with Roland, Marsha, Molly, Sal and Manu, again we had thai 
went to the little carnival off the free way with xan

we ended up riding this, i was curled up around the safety bar clutching on for my life, and that made it worse because i felt like i was going to fall out every time we went up because i felt upside down, i screamed louder than anybody....

ended up almost going to a show at the coffee house with A.

ended up walking in the flowers with slushies and watching the stars

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