Saturday night park runs

Earlier saturday was pride!
Killer outfit

Pride is one of my favorite days of the year in Durham.

In many ways it turned into an Obama Rally with Obama Pride signs being passed out and even a 3d cutout of Obama being wheeled about in a red wagon. 

Pride also means fall, and that means lots of pumpkin cooking adventures.  
DSA GSA- We were the proudest 
It was such a good day, and such a good night, i broke out the Polaroid and the diana and the four shot during the evening with pat and all, i'll put up the photos later this week.  Such a fun pride this year, but the vendors were all a little more reserved than usual.  I cant wrap my head around the fact that this is going to be my last Durham Pride Parade in a while.  This year is going to be a melange of last and last firsts.  

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