she stuck it flat

the birthday car that i made manu...
sooo!  today was earthday, wich was brought to my atenntion by a. when i brought her lunch, and then the mini eno at the market made sence, today was also record store day!!!, i got lots of freebies!


page 6

The durham mag. finally came out!!  Try the regulator for a full story, to see our version...


Fanning the Fire

pre-party prom chatter

fact-a girl can never put on mascara with her mouth closed
so thats not really true, but i read it somewhere

we were being dynamic 
meg and james
the only two photos from prom
Foot bath

Guitar Hero Playoff's 

mar, and rootbeer and the boy

four mallows at a time
played music by the fire


mar and madd



Went to the bulls game with a bunch of people, did the ymca, lost the game
look closely and thats the inch worm that i saved out of manus hair, he lived on my finger until we got out of the park, he kept blowing away and then we would freak because we thought we had lost him, and them he would show up again somewhere 

anna came 
I am so mad because i dont have proof, but while on our way to get lemonade, we hugged Wooly Bull, and that is a life changing experience i tell you.
earlier went to dollys to pick up a few last minute things, they had never been, so tried on dresses
ann, Emmanuelle, anastasia 

was manu's birthday
clair and anastasia
max and ar
jaz bought her a cake, but mine was best
also she had a vegie burger cake
that one was mine

sam and valenton
went and watched wills band at the pattio

mike was there

everyone was having a big cookout

picked up manou and anastasia on the way to the lake

sam and Juliann 
went bowling

kiki the penguin 


went to the durham dinner, kels dance troupe performed

Long week!  Took Manu and company to the airport today, im glad that they are all gone, everyone was crying, but they will for sure come back.  It was way to stressful having them here and planning out everything.  All in all they love the us, and my french didn't get any better.