global climate change

I can't stay awake these days
Mostly because exams are right now
(Yvan Rodic)
And there is so much to do before I leave
(because im addicted)
Which is in a week
(Yvan Rodic)
I can't wait for summer things
And to get away from organization
(some required)


Aparna said...

I can't wait for summer things as well! Good luck on exams, I've got them this week too :\ They'll be over before we know it, I hope

Oakley said...

im so tired because i never have anytime to sleep, it hasnt caught up with me yet, touch wood

Electro Geisha said...

I agree. can`t wait for summer, just to be carefree :)good luck with exams

Vanessa said...

Good luck with exams!

Frei said...

I totally know what you mean..

Aino said...

only one week. and summer thing are here.