Charlotte driver

Somehow i got lucky and didn't get any black paint on my Dollys skirt.  Photo exam is right now, but we dont hav eone, so i have two more hours where i get to sit and figure out what show I am and am not going to this summer.  So far the list consists of Ingrid Michaelson, Rooney, Future Kings of Nowhere, Tilly and The Wall, She and Him, The Hold Steady, The Faint, The Melvins, The Avett Brothers, and Maybe, just maybe, BYOP in Charlotte, that means getting a driver who wants to go with me, but hey, anything can happen, and i definitely want to go!!
I haven't seen them for about a year, so i feel that it is time to see them again.  One more day of school, then parties parties parties.  I am going tonight to get art stuff to tide me over for the few days before i go to California and after i go camping. This is for show the summer of shows.  I cannot wait!    

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