for like ever

Two exams down-five to go.  Definitely not looking forward to tomorrow.  I have not only my gym final which includes running the mile, and having sporting skills, which i do not posses, but also my Dance exam.  Granted, my dance is great, it is based on Rolfing, which I would love right now.  Lucky for me, it is only going to be around 88 degrees instead of 90, but with the sun and all, it will be close to 100.  
I fully realized how obsessive I am tonight.  I leave for California in Eight days now, and I decided that now was the right time to make a list of what I needed to bring, and also i embroidered the ugly computer bag i bought last month.  Now it has a daisy, and "For Like Ever" on it.  I love lists though, even if i end up losing them.  Broke out my old sketch book today to write lists and reminders in, maybe start sketching again, i do have the DAG member show coming up in July.  
My two exams today were chem and AIG3, both of them EOC's, which meant that the whole day save the 45 minutes in the heat at lunch, i had to put up with stupid sates rules.  Luckily in chem R. came and sat next to me, which meant that when we finished me and him just played tic-tack-toe for 45 minutes, i won eight games out of ten.  But for the math one, Mrs. C was a bitch and when i ripped off a piece of my blank scrap pieces to wright a note on, she came, took it from me, and told me i could not do that, and preceded to take the scrap and the whole piece, and tape them back together, with my note still written on it.  Don't even ask me.
My foot and knee are killing me-and my brace for my foot hurts just as much...so tomorrow will suck and i will end up limping home i'm sure. 
The best news so far today, and the only thing keeping me going, is that i am going to go see She & Him in late July, its my birthday present to myself, along with tickets to Rooney, Ingrid Michaelson, and Tilly and the Wall, i am going to have a show packed summer, and i promise to take millions of photos, sadly my dear A. will not be there, because she will be off with some great guy at gov. school.
I can't wait until California.  So many friends i haven't seen, and turns out my little cuz is friends with some pretty hot guys that are around my age, allot can happen in four days.  I can't believe that there are only three and a half more days in school.  I can't wait to get out and go camping and finally do some art.....If anyone has any money making ideas let me know, big yard sale is in the works, but I don't have a weekend i'm home until after I get back from California, if anyone wants to help out, would be fabby!

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