Troika music fest night 2 was last night
Old Ceremony, Bellafea, Kimya Dawson, and the Rosebuds all played at the Carolina
Me and A went early and bummed around downtown
A took this GREAT polaroid during an interval
We totally wanted to play checkers
The Rosebuds

It was a great night!  The first band Bellafea was not to good, they kinda killed the mood, but Old Ceremony played really well, although not to dancy, and then Kimya Dawson just was really sweet and told a ton of stories.  The Rosebuds totally stole the show though.  Maddy came for them, and the three of us were sharing two seats.  We danced in the isles because you just gotta dance to them.  We got to dance on stage at one point, and then the lead singer tried to pull me and a up on stage, but the usher was really stupid and told us that we weren't allowed.  But it was great anyway.

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